Dr Natalie Chiropractor

Dr. Natalie Boyland

After owning a successful small therapeutic massage business for three years, Dr. Natalie realized that she wanted to have a more profound impact on the health of her clients and to be the chiropractor that she was always referring clients to. The final inspiration to go for it came when her son received consistent chiropractic care and his asthma symptoms vanished, along with the need for daily steroids, never to return.

She followed this calling and relocated herself and her son to Marietta, GA to attend Life University and began the journey toward that vision. Her work is dedicated to helping adults, children and infants eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals through chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Natalie graduated from Life University with Summa Cum Laude honors and now serves her Florida community with the vast knowledge and experience that she gained through attending chiropractic college and over 30 additional professional seminars. Dr. Natalie is an outdoor sports enthusiast and spends her free time cycling, kayaking, learning to surf with her family and watching the sunrise at the beach.

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