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children-chiropracticWhat does chiropractic have to do with babies and children?

In many states the cesarean birth rate is over 60%. Childbirth can be magical but it can also be traumatic, to both mother and child. As our kids grow sometimes they fall out of the highchair, bounce off the trampoline, crash the bicycle, wipe-out on the skateboard, etc.

Some people think kids are made of rubber. That they bounce right back from injuries. But kids are more like growing saplings. Their bones, joints, muscles, nerves are all immature and growing at an incredible rate. A young green tree or sapling can be bent without breaking. But as it grows it hardens into a weak bent tree. In a humans these structural shifts can cause secondary problems such as colic, ear infections, wry neck, asthma symptoms, attention difficulties, headaches, not meeting developmental milestones, bed wetting and so on.

Fortunately the bent young sapling can be straightened out while it is still green and has the potential to instead grow into a tall, straight, strong tree. The wonderful thing about children is that small bends and twists can also be corrected to help that child grow into a tall, straight, strong adult. A chiropractic adjustment in a child can last into adulthood, can prevent future pain and suffering, can literally change a life. Chiropractic care is safe, effective and appropriate for all ages, especially the young.

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