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Is Resistance Training the Fountain of Youth?

Most people are aware that resistance training should be part of a well rounded exercise routine, but do you know why? The fact is strength training is vital to health and wellness for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. It is not merely for those who fancy themselves as athletes or bodybuilders. […]

What is Text Neck?

This term has been used more frequently lately. The media is talking about it, and of course chiropractors have known about it. Text Neck is the catchy phrase that has been assigned to the collection of health concerns associated with the modern lifestyle. Specifically the neck pain, back pain, tight muscles, headaches and numb tingly […]

2016 New Years Weight Loss Resolution | Stuart Chiropractor

5 Goals to Help You Live a Healthier Life New Year Resolutions are hard. An unprecedented number of people will resolve to lose weight this year. At Coast Spine Center we have health discussions with hundreds of people throughout the year that include losing weight. Without a doubt the biggest obstacle to accomplishing that goal […]

Pillow Talk With Your Doctor | Stuart Chiropractor

Pillows and Sleeping Positions for chronic neck pain and chronic low back pain. Two of the most common questions that we get at Coast Spine Center, Stuart and Port St. Lucie are “What kind of pillow do I need to prevent neck pain?” and “Do I need to change anything about the way I sleep […]

The Skinny on GMO’s

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are plants or animals which have had the DNA altered to produce certain traits in the organism. Large agribusiness companies hold patents on modifications which they license to farmers. If you follow politics these companies are trying to change laws which would require foods containing GMO ingredients to be labeled. Recently […]