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athlete-chiropractorMany people don’t think about their health until they’ve lost it. Everything is fine, until it’s not. And then there are those who make healthy choices everyday. They choose to eat healthy, workout, and regularly choose to cultivate health on a daily basis. Wellness Chiropractic care is an important part of having a proactive approach to your health. As an active person you push yourself, you test yourself, and the reality is that you sometimes injure yourself. All in the name of reaching new PR’s or having a personal success.

Small injuries can be a nuisance, but small injuries can also add up. Small changes in the biomechanics of a joint or the human body can persist and grow into large shifts in biomechanics and serious injuries. That’s the nature of the game. If you routinely challenge your body, you need to routinely take care of your body. A Wellness plan at your chiropractor can help identify and correct those small things before they become big things. Chiropractors are proactive healers, health cultivators, experts at identifying potential problems. Every major sports team now employs a team chiropractor. Serious athletes know that they can perform at a higher level by taking advantage of regular chiropractic tune-ups.

As active, athletic, competitive people; Dr. Natalie and Dr. Yana understand the fine line many walk between injury and performance. The strong desire to push our bodies beyond where they currently are. They will help you push farther, last longer and live stronger.

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