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Dr. Yana Hugh - Stuart and Port St Lucie Chiropractor

An experienced and caring chiropractor focused on providing her patients the best care possible.

Dr. Yana Hugh is a Florida native who was exposed to Chiropractic care in her early teens. She studied biological nutrition extensively starting in high school and became a fitness trainer at 18. During her freshman year at UCF, Dr. Hugh was rear ended by a motor vehicle on her way to work. She was transported to the ER, suffered from a whiplash with extensive soft tissue injury and given 4 prescriptions. Dr. Hugh threw all the bottles in the trash and found a local Dr. of Chiropractic who was experienced in injuries and rehabilitation. Although, Dr. Hugh was given a disability rating of 32% by an Orthopedic she returned to a full functioning pain free life through Chiropractic care. Her path was then perfectly clear.

Dr. Hugh’s passion is to offer the same care and healing opportunities she experienced. Upon graduation from Life University in Marietta, GA, Dr. Hugh started her own successful family and personal injury practice. Her passion is pre and post natal, pediatrics, family care, injury rehabilitation and performance based patients. Dr. Hugh has a holistic philosophy and addresses lifestyle along with a research proven, posture based technique to successfully achieve practice member’s goals.

Dr. Hugh recently relocated back to her native sunshine state to be closer to family. She is a proud member of the Stuart community and is honored to serve her patients with individualized Chiropractic care. Dr. Hugh is a devoted wife and mother and enjoys fitness, the outdoors and traveling with her family.

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