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Kinesiology / RockTape

K-Tape is a specially designed supportive wrap which will move where you need to move while providing support during activities. We use K-Tape during injury rehabilitation, and during spinal remodeling programs. The tape will continue helping your body even when you have left the office. One application will last up to 5 days and is hypoallergenic. It helps protect and heal your body in 3 ways.

  1. It increases the intracellular spaces below the skin allowing more fluids to flow through the tissues. This increases delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products. This speeds recovery times, bruises will heal faster, swollen joints and muscles will recover faster.
  2. It provides compression which will support an injured structure and protect it while you continue to perform your everyday activities.
  3. It stimulates mechanoreceptors (special nerve cells) which relax muscle spasm, block pain signals, and helps restore normal muscle tone after an injury.

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