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Stem cell therapy may have the potential to be an alternative to invasive spine surgery.

We offer a minimally invasive option to prevent surgery. Stem cell therapy for back pain and disc herniations can potentially repair the damaged disc or facet joint, restore function, rehydrate the disc, and ultimately alleviate chronic pain. Additionally can be used for damaged or torn knees and shoulders.

Stem cell therapy is an effective treatment option for numerous orthopedic conditions, including herniated discs. For people with persistent pain caused by a herniated disc, stem cell treatment may be used as a regenerative alternative to surgery. The stem cells regenerate the damaged tissue. Over a few months, the damaged tissue caused by the herniated disc will recover for dramatic symptom improvement.

At the Coast Spine Center, we perform this procedure and have excellent results. This provides life-altering relief from the pain and discomfort caused by herniated discs and other ailments. We also offer the use of PRP at the same time or within 1 month of the stem cell injections to assist in acute recovery.

Signature Cord tissue consists of isolated umbilical tissue, derived from the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord represents the link between mother and fetus. Umbilical cord tissue does not contain HLA antigens that are normally associated with the immune response. All the tissue collected for our products is acquired from healthy, pre-screened, full-term c-section births and are screened for infections or diseases.

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